The project's aim is to inquire the educational work at memorial sites, as well as develop theoretical concepts and practical methods for this work. The expected results will be in the form of new models for the educational work at memorial sites. 

A group of external experts together with the internal experts – i.e. the working groups and the Mauthausen educational team – create the project's Think Tank, which will meet for five workshops during the project's duration. Together the participants will work on the following themes:

These models will be implemented in the work the Mauthausen Memorial. The Dachau Memorial, a participant in the project, wil consider the integration of the project's models. Through the project's website, as well as through publishing and presenting the project's results, we hope to disseminate the models developed in the educarional work of all interested memorial sites. 

The results of the project will be documented on this website and published in a book, which will be released in fall 2014.


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