Pedagogical Concept

The pedagogical concept has been developed by Yariv Lapid, Christian Angerer and Maria Ecker. It addresses the need for an integration of the visitors' perspectives into the memorial site`s guided tour.

Paedagogisches Konzept.pdf [German]


Interactive Methodology 

In order to accomplish the engagement of the visitor in deciphering both history and topography of the site, the Mauthausen educational team has been developing a participatory, interactive methodology. Its aim is to create the appropriate setting for an exchange on the meaning of the events, and thus empower members of society to express their views and negotiate meanings.

Einfuerung Interaktive Methodologie.pdf [German]


Strassler presentation

The latest update on the theoretical and conceptual level is further elaborating the idea of combining education at Memorial sites and civic education. Presented by Yariv Lapid at a conference at Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University in April 2013, it offers thoughts on the status and roles of memorial sites and presents the educational experiences at the Mauthausen Memorial.

Strassler presentation.pdf


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