The methodological structure of the project is the working group. This structure allows a small number of participants to combine their abilities through intensive exchange. The project has two main environments in which the working group structure is used:

  • workshop round tableThe external experts and members of the Mauthausen educational team. During the workshops the external experts review the concepts developed by the working groups. Additionally the external experts present their respective expertise, e.g. the status of research on violence. 
  • The working groups, consisting of Mauthausen Memorial guides, develop theoretical concepts and practical models for the educational work on the project's five themes. Their results are shared with the other project's participants prior to each Workshop, and then presented and discussed during the Workshop.  

The Think Tank Workshops, adjourning five times within the project's duration, enable the exchange among these different working groups. This combines the practical experience of the guides from their educational work at the Mauthausen Memorial with the professional and academic expertise of the external experts.

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